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Current Indiana Horse Council Foundation Funds for Your Giving Consideration

You may donate to an established fund or if desired, you may start a fund in your name, someone else’s name, or an organization that you designate. Contact the IHCF for information regarding starting your own fund.

Helping Horses & Humans

Promotes second careers for Indiana horses and supports human rehabilitation through equine-assisted therapy. 



Grant Guidelines
Coming Soon

Racing Legacy Fund

Supports programs promoting the safety and welfare of racehorses, providing adoption or retirement opportunities for racehorses, retraining racehorses for second careers, using retired horses in equine therapy for human rehabilitation and encouraging involvement in the ownership and breeding of racehorses. 



Gail Hall Legacy Fund

Income from the Legacy Fund provides support for the operation of the Foundation.



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Scholarship Funds


Provides funding for educational scholarships for youth and adults



Educational scholarship that recognizes community service


Marilyn Paton Kuhn Memorial  Fund

Provides general funding support to IHC Foundation and IHC programs.




You want your charitable gift to accomplish the most to improve the quality of life for horses as well as the quality of life for people through horses. You believe as conditions change, a group of citizens from the horse community will be best able to assess the current charitable needs and to be creative and flexible in the grantmaking. All unrestricted donations will go to the foundation's greatest needs

Field of Interest

You are interested in a particular field (e.g. youth, education, research, horse welfare, therapeutic riding), but you do not want to restrict the grants to be made over the years to any specific organization serving that field.


You have a favorite charity or organization that you would like to support. You, thus, designate the specific charity or organization that is to receive the grants.

Donor Advised

You may recommend distributions within the IHCF funds and to other charitable organizations.

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