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Your support matters!

Thank You for Considering a Donation to IHCF

The IHCF provides a perfect alternative to a private foundation. Donors who want the individual involvement of a private foundation without the accompanying administrative complexities, restrictions, and expenses can accomplish the same result by establishing a donor-advised fund within the IHCF. Using a donor-advised fund within the IHCF also offers a donor a more generous tax deduction than those offered to those donating to a private foundation.

All unrestricted donations will go to the Foundation's greatest needs.

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You are assured that your gifts will benefit horses and riders for years to come.  

As an endowment, your gifts  will be there to support your legacy.

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Gifts to IHCF

May reduce your tax burden.

Contributions to a  public charity may be deductible as allowed by the IRS.

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You may select from a number of funds:

1. Undesignated

2. Field - of -Interest

3. Designated

4. Donor Advised.  

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