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Horse Angels

We are a non-profit organization focused on the mental and physical healing of horses in need, with the ultimate goal of finding each horse a safe and loving lifetime home.

Indiana Horse Rescue

Indiana Horse Rescue is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization dedicated in its mission to facilitate the Rescue and Rehabilitation of equine in need.

Reins to Recovery

The purpose of the organization is to promote physical, psychological and social wellbeing of persons with disabilities through their interaction with a therapeutic team consisting of a horse, and instructor, and Volunteers. 

Therapeion Riding Center

Therapeion was founded in 2007 to provide therapeutic riding services for persons with disabilities and youth facing difficult life challenges.

Friends of Ferdinand

Friends of Ferdinand, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and currently the only Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredited organization in Indiana. 

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Founded in 1983, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s mission is clear and simply stated: To save Thoroughbred horses no longer able to compete on the racetrack from possible neglect, abuse, and slaughter.


American Hackney Horse Society

The incorporation of the American Hackney Horse Society took place early in 1891. The idea occurred to owners of Hackney horses throughout the western states and indeed residents of several parts of the country had actually taken steps to form a similar society some months prior to the organization of the AHHS. It was not until advances were made to the Council of the English Hackney Society by the directors of this association that action in the United States was formally ratified by the authorities of the parent society, and assurance of affiliation obtained.

All American Horse Classic

All American Horse Classic is a member show of: US Equestrian Federation, Tri-State Horse Shows Association, Ohio ASB Pleasure Association, Interstate Horse Shows Association, Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association.

American Horse Council

The American Horse Council works daily to advocate for the social, economic 
and legislative interests of the United States equine industry.

American Saddlebred Horse Association

The American Saddlebred remains the ultimate show horse, high-stepping and elegant. A show horse is a spectacle of beauty and grace but is also an intense athletic competitor. American Saddlebreds compete in four primary divisions in the show ring: Five-Gaited, Three-Gaited, Fine Harness and Pleasure. Each division has its own "look," and competitors should be groomed to perfection. Five-gaited, fine harness and show pleasure horses are exhibited with full manes and tails. Five-gaited horses are shown with roached, or trimmed, manes to accentuate their long, fine necks.

Dutch Harness Horse Association 

The American Dutch Harness Horse Association is a registry for high stepping show horses with the Dutch Harness Horse as a founding element.

Indiana American Saddlebred Horse Association

The mission of the Indiana American Saddlebred Horse Association is to promote the American Saddlebred horse in the State of Indiana.  This includes ownership, breeding, training or exhibition of American Saddlebreds.  Our aim is to provide programs and services to our members that include equine welfare and education.  We also encourage youth involvement with the American Saddlebred while building upon public interest and awareness of the breed. 

 Indiana 4-H Foundation

To provide resources that give the opportunity for all Indiana youth to develop life skills that benefit their communities through involvement in $-H.

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

As one of the nation's top institutions for veterinary medical education, the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine offers more than just instruction.

United States Equestrian Federation

US Equestrian is dedicated to uniting the equestrian community, honoring achievement, and serving as guardians of equestrian sport. Since its inception in 1917, US Equestrian has been dedicated to pursuing excellence and promoting growth, all while providing and maintaining a safe and level playing field for both its equine and human athletes

Places to ride in Indiana  LINKS

Hoosier National Forest

All horse and bicycle users on the National Forest, 17 years of age or older, are required to have a trail permit tag. Trail tags are available at the Forest offices and vendors.

Horseback Ridings at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The Glenwood Dunes Trail system is the National Lakeshore's only equestrian trail. Horseback riding is permitted on the specified portion of the Glenwood Dunes Trail from March 16 - December 14.

Hoosier National Forest

All horse and bicycle users on the National Forest, 17 years of age or older, are required to have a trail permit tag. Trail tags are available at the Forest offices and vendors.

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