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IHC Education Scholarships are available to Indiana students involved in equine activities. The purpose is to encourage support of the equine industry by providing educational assistance to outstanding men and women.  Scholarships are offered and administered by the Indiana Horse Council Foundation (IHCF).


Jim Kirkham Scholarship – The Indiana Horse Council (IHC) established the Jim Kirkham Scholarship to honor a lifetime of service to the Indiana equine industry.  Jim Kirkham’s tireless dedication to IHC, IHCF and the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo are prime examples of community service at its best. One Jim Kirkham Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant for an IHC Education Scholarship with an outstanding record of community service.  All other requirements of the IHC Education Scholarship apply.  




  • One (1) or more IHC Education Scholarships of at least $500.00 will be available in each program area of study. One (1) Jim Kirkham Scholarship of at least $1,000.00 will be awarded as determined by the record of community service, provided that all other requirements of the IHC Education Scholarship are met.




        Beginning a Bachelor Degree Program

        Continuing a Bachelor Degree Program

        Professional or Graduate Degree Program


  • Beginning a Bachelor Degree Program means the applicant plans to pursue a bachelor degree but is not yet enrolled in studies for a bachelor degree at the time of application.


  • Applicant must be an Indiana resident and not a director or officer of IHC or IHCF.


  • Previous recipients of IHC Education Scholarships are eligible to apply in successive years if the necessary criteria are met.  All applicants must submit a completed current application each year in order to be eligible.


  • Scholarship recipient must be enrolled as a full or part-time student at an accredited college or university at the time the award check is issued (typically early August).  Attendance to a post-secondary school located in Indiana is not a requirement. Scholarship checks will be issued payable jointly to the student and the school. This could possibly affect current tax status; it is highly recommended the appropriate professionals be consulted.


  • Scholarship recipient is required, when requested by IHCF, to provide verification of expenses, fee statement, and receipts.  Scholarship recipient must return scholarship money to IHCF if verification of expenses is requested and not supplied.


Eligible applications must include the following:


        A. The completed official, current Education Scholarship Application form.

        B. Official copy of the most recent transcript from the last school attended, including GPA.

        C. A neatly typed statement of 250 words or less explaining your interest in pursuing your course of study citing specific examples indicating              your potential for success in this field.

        D. Three (3) character reference letters, not from a family member and no longer than one page, to include one from each of the following                  categories (do not send more than 3):


        1. Personal;

        2. Scholastic/Academic;

        3. Employer, Volunteer Supervisor, Extra-Curriculars, or Civic Organization Supervisor/Leader


All reference letters should include duration and capacity of acquaintance.  Letters must be limited to one page and a maximum of 750 words. Reference letters must be emailed directly from the writer to on or before March 1st.


IHCF selection committee shall determine scholarship award recipients based on the following criteria:


        A.Evidence of leadership;

        B. Duration and extent of equine involvement;

        C. Specific evidence of potential for success in the chosen field of study;

        D. Potential for contribution to the horse industry;

        E. Community involvement.


The selection committee reserves the right to withhold scholarships in the event none of the applicants in a program area meet the criteria of the Indiana Horse Council Foundation, Inc.


All application material must be emailed to  All materials including transcript must be received by IHCF on or before March 1st.


Transcripts may be emailed directly to IHCF by the school.  


Reference letters must be emailed directly from the writer to and must include student’s first and last name.  


Send questions by email to  Recipients will be notified prior to the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo and may be requested to participate in an awards ceremony at the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo.


Scholarship recipients will be required to write a 250-word summary of academic achievement after the fall semester for the course of study for which the scholarship was awarded and how the recipient benefited from the IHC Education scholarship.  Please include a digital photo. This summary and photo will be used for IHC/IHCF publications. Recipients should forward the summary and photo by email to no later than January 20th of the year following the award.  Failure to submit the summary disqualifies the recipient from future awards.




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